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User experience is a deal-breaking criteria in modern solutions

Over the past decade, User Experience (UX) has become one of the most dividing aspects of websites and apps. What was before an afterthought has become a key selling point: the latest billion-dollars companies all focus on this aspect. Apps such as are now actively encroaching the market of Atlassian because they provide a more streamlined experience.

User experience has become one of the most discriminating factors in the software selection process

At Lleed & Partners, we believe that user experience should be at the core of any product, whether it is a gigantic software-as-a-service product or a simple internal tool. Even inside a company, user experience can make or break a project: if users feel attracted to the platform, they are more likely to perform their tasks correctly and on-time.

User Experience services

A good user experience always start from a diligent user research. Understand the key information about your future audience: who is it, what are they trying to achieve, why are they doing it, when will they use the app and how they will interact. From then on, iterate on multiple wireframes that will gradually refine to the final design, making sure to take into account user feedback at each step in the process. Once the User Interfaces (UI) are ready or advanced enough to start implementing, create a reliable component library that will evolve with time and testing to build a successful product.

The steps to a successful User Experience


Understand the key aspects of your audience. What are their main concerns and potential friction points.


With continuous feedback from your user base, define the flows of your future app or website. Once these flows are fluid, lay out the wireframe of the app.


Implement your wireframes using a standardized styling to better communicate brand and cohesion accross products. Implement code components with sufficient testing to stay sustainable.


This process is not strictly linear. At any time in the process, be ready to accept changes to the previous iterations to improve your experience. As time goes by, these will help your product stay purposeful.

UX and UI design are both very iterative processes. Always keep in touch with your users to adapt and improve as time goes by.

Staying in touch with the technology side

UX/UI design and development are not isolated tasks. As much as developers need to take design input from the design team, designers should also be well versed into what is technically feasible, keeping the efforts of the dev team on things that matter. We strive to make UX/UI design and development two domains that interact deeply during each iteration, not sequentially.

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UI/UX Design

User experience is a deal-breaking criteria in modern solutions

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