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Want to know how you perform, which processes, if any, you could improve?

Lleed & Partners offers a free digital auditing service to help business understand bottlenecks and attempt to remedy.

Digital audit program

The key steps to improving your everyday operations


Improving is not possible if you don't know where you stand at. Start by assessing the time and money you spend on everyday operations.


Use your performance report results to detect tasks that take an abnormal amount of resources. It is best to then focus on the tasks that have the most potential for a streamlining: common processes where there is a lot of overhead.


From the performance analysis, decide on which, if any, levers to act. Depending on your operations, it might occur that your time and effort should rather be spent somewhere else than changing a process that seemingly works. However, it is common that some results may demande special care.


Review your procedures, digitalize what can be. Reduce back-and-forth by setting up automated validation. Use machine learning to detect potential erroneous documents. The solutions are various and will greatly vary based on your use case.


Repeat this process on a regular basis. Inefficient processes can be created at any time, and new technological advances can make some old processes easier to replace or streamline. Always assess your performance on a regular basis to detect improvement or regression.

Most companies don't assess their efficiency correctly

Assessing your performance is not an easy task without external counseling. Some key bottlenecks might be ignored due to preconceived ideas or a habit bias.

Lleed & Partners offers a free digital audit* to help you grasp your current efficiency. This process is divided into the steps described below.

Lleed & Partners Free digital audit program

Our digital audit program is comprised of few, simple steps.

Ensuring privacy

Customer privacy is our top priority. Before starting any auditing, we will make sure that your information is within good hands.


A team of Lleed & Partners business experts will be deployed at your office and will shadow your employees during a given time period. They will be able to provide the most relevant data to create a performance report.


The data collected during the shadowing period will be reported and graphed for further analysis. These documents will be provided free of charge to discuss relevant improvements, if any, with your business team.


Upon discussion with your business team, a plan of action will be outlined. From then on, you can choose to continue working with Lleed & Partners on some or all of the actions, choose to work with another third party or choose not to act.

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*The Lleed & Partners free digital audit program is subject to conditions. Lleed & Partners reserve the right to approve candidates or reject applications without justification.