Digital Consulting

The key to a successful digital transformation

Since the internet's early days in the 2000's, our working culture and our habits have significantly evolved. These evolutions have actively supported corportate digitalization. To tackle these new challenges, digital consulting plays a key role in helping companies turn digital tools into business assets.

At Lleed & Partners, we have designed an innovative form of data science and business automation consulting in which you are the main character of your digital transformation.

Problem Solving at Lleed & Partners

These are steps we always go through to guarantee the quality and relevance of our work

Problem assesment

Our project managers interact with your team to understand your needs, stakes, and assets. Together, we define KPIs to ensure we are adding value to your business.

Team Building

Our project managers design a team of engineers and developers from various specialization fields to design solutions and maximize your return on investment.


Our said team delivers a MVP and written presentation of the solutions with a roadmap to implementation.

Project implementation

Using Agile methods, our development and integration teams continuously build the solutions while adjusting to your input to ensure the relevance of our work.

After an initial meeting, you are assigned two Lleed & Partners project managers who will discuss your needs and define key performance indicators (KPI) with you. Then, these managers form a team tailored for your project scope.

This team, made of versatile and complementary elements, is responsible for finding solutions to your problems and studying their performance in relation to the previously defined KPIs. Regular communication between our project managers and your team guarantee the relevance of our solutions, and their compatibility with your company's culture.

L&P also has a group of specialized experts who contribute to projects on an ad hoc basis for more specific or advanced challenges (AWS/Azure cloud experts, NLP, Machine Learning...)).

Our mission is accomplished when our managers and your team agree on solutions, delivered in the form of documentation, presentations and MVPs.

These solutions can consist in integrating existing systems or developing custom solutions, for which L&P also offers its services.

Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

The key to a successful digital transformation

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