Cloud Infrastructure

Découvrez the virtually infinite power of cloud infrastructure

What is Cloud Infrastructure ?

20 years ago, companies with IT infrastructure had to install, scale and maintain their own storage, servers, hardware and networks. Cloud Infrastructure is the possibility to outsource this process to a Cloud Provider.

Operating physical infrastructures is an extremely demanding task involving a lot of highly qualified human ressources, physical space, energy to power and cool down the hardware… In addition to this, it is critical to many business, server outages often induce service unvailability, hence financial losses.

Cloud infrastructure enables business to rely on a provider's infrastructures benefiting of a more cost-efficient service including virtually unlimited storage space, infinite flexibility especially with regards to scalability, availability and more.

Cloud Infrastructures are designed by building and connecting provider-specific components with dedicated capabilities. From performing expensive computation, to server gateways, these components can be configured and booted in just minutes with the help of experts.

What type of Infrastructure can the cloud provide you with ?



Your files and data are safely hosted in encrypted databases and file systems with several backups all around the globe to ensure it's availability. Databases are the most efficient way to store large amounts of data and perform efficient searchs with indexing. Storing your data in the cloud enables easier interactions with other infrastructure components and infinite vertical and horizontal scalability.


Seeming virtual, networks are made of very physical components such as cables, routers, switchs and more. Cloud based network enables VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) pools that enable employees to connect to an intranet and securely access files and benefit from many other IT Infrastructure services from a remote location. They provide levels of isolation with the outside world and within your business.


Cloud Computation enables access to cutting-edge computing power with optimizations for graphics, artificial intelligence, calculations etc. These components are usually fully configurable to ensure you are getting the power you need. Most providers offer Pay-per-use to enable maximum flexibility.

At Lleed & Partners we help businesses select a provider, build and operate cloud infrastructures that best suit their needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Découvrez the virtually infinite power of cloud infrastructure

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